What Sandra Lemonon Won Was Better Than A Crown In #BbPilipinas2018

Strutting down the stage where thousands of people would be judging you from head to toe could be pretty nerve-wracking.

Imagine training and studying  for the biggest moment of your life, only to admit on live television that you don’t know the answer.

Last Sunday night, the whole country tuned in to the livestream of Binibining Pilipinas 2018’s coronation night. 15 candidates took part in the question and answer portion at Araneta Coliseum, but one particular Binibini caught our attention.

Sandra Lemonon

Binibining #35, Sandra Lemonon is the first to be called for the Q&A portion. Edgar Saavedra, Chairman of Megawide Construction, asks her: “What are your insights on the government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program?”

The crowd can be heard in the background, exchanging gasps and woes.

After a few seconds, Sandra answers: “Actually, you know what – I studied so much for this Q&A, but sadly that’s something that I don’t really know much about. But, at least I’m here trying to answer a good question. Thank you!”

Full of grace and honesty, Sandra admits to not knowing the answer. Miss Universe 2016 and Bb. Pilipinas 2018 host, Pia Wurtzbach comments how she loved her honesty, “That’s better than lying.”

In an age where everyone bravely voices out their opinion in social media, we see a courageous woman who chooses not to speak about something she has no knowledge about.

Often times, we speak before we think, or react before we analyze certain situations. This applies to social media debates, especially one that includes politics.

Yumiko (@mikoyoshiy) on Twitter says, “rather than spacing out with no answer at all, she was quick enough to acknowledge not knowing anything about it.”

Sometimes, not knowing doesn’t always equate to ignorance. But it serves as a wake up call that we need to be more educated.

We hope that this will spark a conversation among the audience; to be aware of what goes on in our country, and to actively question our government.

Which leads us to the next question…

What is the Build Build Build program?

Build Build Build‘ is the Duterte administration’s prime program toward building the infrastructure that will benefit Filipinos, particularly in communication and commuting. Its goal is to help decongest Metro Manila and other metros, while building new business centers for job opportunities outside Manila.

This takes a huge chunk of the National Budget, spending almost $180 Billion in infrastructure until the year 2022. This goal to transform the Philippines’ economy is headed by Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary, Mark Villar.


Goodness knows how devastated Sandra must be for not answering the question, but being a good sport, you see her in the background, happily cheering her friend, Catriona Gray as she gets the honor of representing the Philippines for Miss Universe 2018.

Sandra Lemonon may not have won the crown, but if there’s one thing she earned after #BbPilipinas2018, it’s our respect. 

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