Shaira Luna is Holding A Closet Sale This Weekend And Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

At the mention of retro and vintage clothing, Shaira Luna has probably crossed your mind. You would immediately head to her Instagram feed for fashion pegs.

Legit 80’s and 90’s vintage clothes are hard to look for. The “vintage” items we see in the mall cannot be as legit as the ones our moms wore in their teenage years. And the best way to get them is either from our mom’s closet or our local thrift store. But the multi-platform Filipina photographer is a big fan of thrift stores! She gets her vintage items across the metro.

In fact, she could be the queen of ukay-ukay because of her impeccable skills at spotting great pieces in a possible pile of old, beaten-up clothes. For instance, some pieces would not look appealing at first, but the wonder-eye of Shaira shows us how to work it! Through her Youtube videos, you will learn how she spots the best vintage pieces! From clothes to shoes, bags, accessories, and even cameras!

Lucky us, we don’t have to go through multiple thrift stores around Manila to find gems like hers. Because this weekend, Shaira, together with other Filipino creatives like Abraham Guardian, Happy Andrada, and Sanya Smith, are selling their stuff at Unit 306, A-Venue Mall in Makati!

Her items could go as cheap as P25 a piece!

The best part of her closet sale is that her items are really affordable, plus the sizes vary from xs to large. Her tops are priced at P25 to P100, designer shoes at P1000 to P3000. Her old bags and accessories are from P50 and up, non-designer shoes are from P100 to P2000, while her old digital, film cameras, and lenses start at P1000.

For more information, check out her Facebook event page and her video announcement below:

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and share this post if you’re interested in going!

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