Six Filipino Rom Com Love Teams We'd Watch Again This Valentine's Day

We took a tour back in memory lane from the early 2000s to recent years, to watch love teams from movies and TV that have made unforgettable dents in our hearts. These on-screen (and sometimes also off-screen) love teams have made their impact because they made us laugh, cry, get giddy with kilig, and see ourselves in them as we went with them through their romantic journeys. Here are the tandems we wouldn’t mind watching again from Filipino film and television, this coming Day of Hearts. Related: 10 Romantic Movies People Never Get Tired Of  1.Anthony and Mace, That Thing Called Tadhana A sleeper hit, indie film That Thing Called Tadhana captured audiences with its simple and straightforward story line, since it’s mostly about a man and a woman and their reflective, witty, and candid conversations as they travel through places like Baguio and Sagada. The film has become a pop culture phenomenon, and it made elements like Sagada, Kiltepan Viewpoint, Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and the pose of Anthony (JM De Guzman) and Mace (Angelica Panganiban) in the movie poster, so iconic. What we loved about the Anthony and Mace pairing was how Anthony’s subdued and soft-spoken personality balanced out Mace’s fierce, funny, and heartbroken one. He became the perfect shoulder to cry on, while at the same time, also the love interest of the heroine in pain. And of course, one of their scenes that we can never forget is how Anthony looked on as Mace shouted all her pain while standing at Kiltepan in Sagada.

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   2. Popoy and Basha, One More Chance This movie love team is probably the love team of all love teams. After everyone saw Bea Alonzo’s Basha and John Lloyd Cruz‘s Popoy on the big screen, succeeding love teams wanted to follow in their footsteps. One More Chance tells the story of young college couple, Popoy and Basha, who are studying in UST, chasing their ambitions, and happily in love. They still go through a break-up though, and see other people, even if they never really stopped loving each other the whole time. The famous and painful line, “Kasi ako totoo umaasa pa rin ako na sabihin mo, sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit,” that Basha told Popoy while crying to get him back, has remained etched on the hearts of various generations of movie-goers. As for John Lloyd and Bea, these two are love team royalty, even if they’re not a couple in real life. They didn’t just become a hit love team because of their complementary good looks and chemistry, but also because of their superior acting prowess. #LoveTeamGoals, indeed.        3. Tonyo and Leah, Kita Kita This is probably one of the most unexpected pairings, with the beautiful Alessandra de Rossi paired with comedian Empoy Marquez, who one can say isn’t the conventional leading man. Even producer Piolo Pascual who was originally going to be the leading man of Alessandra, willingly gave the reins to Empoy after realizing that their charming and endearing Beauty and the Beast type of team-up could work. And work, it did. Kita Kita became the highest-earning indie Filipino film of all time, and raked in more than Php300M in the local box office. The story of Leah, a Pinay tour guide in Hokkaido, Japan, who had temporarily gone blind and fell for Tonyo and his heart, no matter how he looked like, had captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. The gamble of pairing together de Rossi and Empoy worked probably because the two had a natural charm and comedy together, made even better by Kita Kita’s bittersweet story. We’re excited to watch the serye of these two soon!

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4.Clark and Leah, On the Wings of Love Arguably, Clark and Leah from On the Wings of Love is still the best pair that James Reid and Nadine Lustre have played, and the only television couple in this list. Clark and Leah are the two lovebirds who started out as a bickering cat and dog couple when they were forced to wed in San Francisco when Leah had to desperately get a green card in the USA. They had no idea that eventually, their fake marriage and partnership would turn out to become real as they gradually fell for each other during their misadventures as a fake married couple. We think that this TV pairing worked because aside from an excellent story and execution by Director Antoinette Jadaone, James was able to effectively play Clark, the wounded but kind-hearted furniture maker, and Nadine was able to play Leah, the ambitious, family-oriented, and loving OFW-turned-ad agency maven, quite well. Add to that the million sparks and chemistry that Jadine effortlessly brought out in their partnership as they made television screens explode with their romance and the kisses that trended nationwide or worldwide.

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5. Vince and Kath, Vince and Kath and James This charming high school movie with a story that wasn’t  the most original actually, was executed so well and turned out to be one of the critically-acclaimed during the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016. Vince and Kath and James is the story of Kath (Julia Barretto) a boyish, high schooler who helps out with her family’s car business but is actually a romantic deep inside. James (Ronnie Alonte) is the popular high school jock, who likes Kath, and courts her to be his girlfriend. Vince (Joshua Garcia) is the nerdy cousin of James, who is secretly in love with Kath, and agrees to his cousin’s scheme that he be the one to send Kath love messages in the guise of being James. Many fell for the pairing of Joshlia in this film, with many believing that Julia and Joshua remind them of another great love team in the past, Julia’s aunt, Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan. The youthful charm of the two, effortless chemistry, and acting talent were praised by critics and fans. We also love that Kath, the girl next door looking for love, eventually fell for the quiet, nerdy, underdog, who finally got the guts to tell her he was in love with her all along.
6. Lorenz and Toni, Got 2 Believe And of course, the romantic comedy that some, like Direk Ted Boborol of Vince and Kath and James, consider as the Pinoy romantic comedy that started it all. In fact, there was a scene in VKJ  that mirrored one of the iconic scenes in Got 2 Believe. Got 2 Believe is the story of Toni (Claudine Barretto), a wedding planner who is afraid that she won’t marry at all and will be an old maid. She meets Lorenz (Rico Yan), the handsome but playboy photographer, who irks her at first, but then helps her with her predicament and matches her with one of his good friends, Perry. Everyone thinks Toni and Perry are a perfect match, but Toni and Lorenz have actually fallen hard for each other. This romantic comedy is also wittily and smartly done, and of course, Claudine and Rico’s real and reel romance is unbeatable and they’re one of the pioneer love teams in this country.
How about you, do you agree with these Filipino rom com pairings? If your favorite pair isn’t here, who are they and why do you love them? Tell us why in the comments below! Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad Read more: