You Need To See These Doggos Adorably Fail the Snoot Challenge!

Back in early 2017, our obsession with dogs reached crazy levels. We created our own dog-lover-exclusive world that even has its own lingo called doggo-lingo or pupperspeak.

Are you familiar with words and phrases such as “boop the snoot,” “woofer/subwoofer,” “pupper/pupperino,” “MLEM,” “longboi,” and “floofers”?

Let me give you a quick walk-through:

“Boop the snoot” means to touch(boop) a dog’s nose(snoot). A “woofer” is a big, old dog (think Golden Retrievers), while a “subwoofer” is a mini or baby woofer (Golden Retriever pup). A pupperino is a small-breed puppy (think puppy Chihuahua), while a “longboi” is a thin, long dog (best example is a Dachshund.) A “floofer” is a hairy, big dog (think Samoyed), while a “mlem” is a dog’s lick.

In fact, one regular teenager from the US became a professional doggo linguist. Matt Nelson eventually dropped out of college after earning $10,000 a month from his twitter account WeRateDogs. He’s also a best-selling author whose book about the topic gained a lot of attention.

If you’re a dog lover who happens to be part of any dog-lover group on Facebook, then you might have come across videos of dogs attempting the Snoot Challenge.

Basically, the dog owner uses his pointer and thumb to create the shape of a circle. The owner then asks his/her dog to put their nose in it. On Instagram, more than 2,000 dogs of different breeds have tried the challenge. Many of them have succeeded.

#SnootChallenge @mini.ollie @aussiesdoingthings

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However, some dogs weren’t able to produce successful results. But each fail left us laughing and wanting more. Watch these hilarious Snoot Challenge fails:

Let’s try again next time after she’s overcome her Snoot-ophobia.

Snoot challenge fail 👌😂😂

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Looks like he wanted to race instead of doing the challenge.

Nope, we’re not doing this, Gina.

Bolt can only do a mlem. 

He still hasn’t gotten over the fact that you put a collar on him.

Miapeeka wants a taste test first.

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