‘Sock Heels’ Are Happening And People Are Not Too Happy About It

Since the release of Gucci’s latex sandal, the Internet had varying opinions on the “socks-over-sandals” trend. It used to be considered as outdated, but high fashion has turned it into one of the coolest street style trends for the season.

Fast fashion giant Zara is here to jump on the bandwagon with their latest release of sock heels. It comes in an array of kinds, ranging from court shoes to bluchers and ankle boots. However, one particular style caught the Internet’s attention: the Mary Jane court shoe that’s attached with a grey ribbed ankle sock.

Court shoes with ankle sock detail (P3601)

One of the questions raised was “how do you wash the socks?”. The complaints on the shoe were mainly due to its impracticality. The socks are glued to the shoe which would make it impossible for a complete wash. Apart from sanitary reasons, the pair costs $70 (P3601) which are quite pricey for a high street brand.

With sock heels being such a huge fad in fashion right now, it only begs one question: would you wear this trend?

See the rest of Zara’s new sock heels releases below!