Spider-Man: Far From Home Takes A Big Story-Telling Risk

Spider-Man: Far From Home is an action-packed adventure that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

In this movie, Peter Parker has to face the world once again after the loss of his mentor, Iron Man. If in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker was eager to be part of the Avengers and save the world, this time Peter just wants to take a break from his responsibilities, be a regular teenager and confess his feelings to his crush. But on his way to his summer vacation, Nick Fury hijacks his trip to deal with an impending threat– The Elementals.

Peter’s decision to embark on an exciting vacation with his friends from Midtown School of Science and Technology is, initially, all about having fun and adventure in locations far from their homes in Queens. It’s also about some of them – Peter, MJ, Ned, Betty, and Flash – coming to terms with having been snapped out of existence for five years, while other classmates moved on and grew older.

This movie carefully addresses the void left by Tony onto the world; how people are vying for or looking to be the next Iron Man. While Fury thinks Tony seemed to have chosen Peter as the next superhero and savior, at the end of the day, Peter is just a 16-year-old kid who just wants to live his teenage life.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker does a great job portraying what it’s like being an awkward teenager in high school.

Meanwhile, Zendaya returns as MJ, Peter’s whip-smart classmate, friend and, now, love interest. In addition, she figures out a major piece of the Peter Parker puzzle – that he’s Spider-Man – further complicating a new romance that’s not going as smoothly as Peter would like. He also thinks that MJ only likes him because he’s Spider-Man.

But we get to know more about MJ in this movie. Her little quirks and the vulnerability she shows throughout the film make for a great love story. There’s also no denying the actress’ chemistry with Tom Holland makes their scenes more cute and heart-warming.

Love is also in the air for Peter’s best friend Ned, once again played by Jacob Batalon. Ned is falling for classmate Betty Brant, played by Angourie Rice. Their contribution to the comedy of it all is refreshing to watch. Also returning is Tony Revolori, as Eugene “Flash” Thompson, who’s a self-styled Vlogger, as well as a huge fan of Spider-Man – while hilariously and ironically being a complete jerk to Peter. Though, by the end of the movie, you’ll start to emphasize more with his character–something we didn’t get in the previous Spider-Man movies.

While Peter, MJ, Ned, Betty, and Flash are dealing with their new post-snap life, their classmate Brad Davis, played by Remy Hii, escaped Thanos’ universe-changing action, and has transitioned from the uncool dweeb he was five years ago, to a heartthrob and popular student whom Peter sees as a rival for MJ’s attention. He has MJ’s best intentions, which makes him hard to hate, but c’mon… Everyone’s rooting for Peter Parker to get the girl and it’s obvious MJ only has eyes for one dork in the team.

All the young actors bring their roles to life in unique ways, but Jon Watts, the director, notes that the characters share some important qualities: “They’re all really resilient and dealing with what had happened to them in those five years. But at the same time, they also have their eyes on the future and are ready to move on.”

Mysterio’s arrival in the MCU is the biggest story-telling risk

Jake Gyllenhaal’s refreshing take as Mysterio is impressive and unexpected. There was one particular scene in the movie where jaws will drop and make the audience root for him to be the next Iron Man. It also helps that Jake’s chemistry with Tom was brilliant.

Peter’s new suit that he made himself is symbolic to the future of the MCU.

The fourth suit, designed in the film by Peter, is red and black and symbolizes the young arachnid’s evolution, from his reluctance to battle the new global menace, to stepping up and being his own man.

The suit, in a way, is Peter’s vision for Spider-Man. He’s no longer trying to be Iron Man, but still your friendly neighborhood superhero with a new global perspective, maturity, and heightened feelings of loss, love, and responsibility.

There’s no better way to neatly wrap up the Infinity War Saga than with Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s light enough to keep you going while carefully showing the world-building after the effects of the snap.

Lastly, the first post-credit scene in this movie may go down in history as one of the best post-credits scenes in Marvel. The room was utterly filled with shock and excitement at the huge twist and it only proves that the next Spider-Man movie has nowhere to go but up!

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters this July 3 in Philippine Cinemas.