Watch “Stop Kiss” This July and Be Reminded of the Beauty of Sacrifice

Wanting to find herself and pursue a more meaningful teaching career, Sara left St. Louis and accepted a fellowship at an elementary school in the Bronx. There she met Callie who has lived in New York for 11 years as a traffic reporter. The two developed a special friendship that eventually blossomed into something deeper. Things went horribly south one night when a bystander saw them kiss and beat them up where one of them ended up into a coma.

stop kiss

“I can do this. Choose me.”

I held back my tears as these lines gutted me. You don’t often hear people say these kinds of things anymore. Maybe it’s exactly the reason why they meant more than they should. In a time where pursuing the “self” is more important than the “other”, Sara and Callie’s journey is a beautiful reminder of virtues that are fundamental to the human experience. Despite having written and produced almost 20 years ago, the themes in the play are universal. I laughed, cringed, and teared up just as anyone who has gone through the same experience of fighting for something or someone you hold on to dearly.

stop kiss

Sara and Callie are played by highly respected theatre veterans Jenny Jamora and Missy Maramara. Their portrayal sent me into a roller coaster of emotions. Joining the two are Tarek El Tayech as George, Gabe Mercado as Peter, Robbie Guevara as Detective Cole, Jay Valencia-Glorioso as Mrs. Winsley, and J-mee Katanyag as Nurse. Directed by Aliw Award-winning director Ed Lacson Jr. who also doubles as the set designer.

Stop Kiss will open for public tonight, July 12, and will run until the 21st at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati. Tickets are now available at