Tell-Tale Signs That He’s A Softboy (And Why You Should Avoid Them)

We firmly believe that f***boys should be avoided at all costs.

We’ve seen them on social media, in real life, in movies. We encounter these kinds of boys on the daily at school! We also know what these boys look like. They’re everyone’s crush; the popular guy that flirts with every living, breathing human being in their midst. We’re aware that they’re dangerous and yet we still fall hopelessly in love.

But they’re not nearly as dangerous as softboys.

These guys are slightly more complicated than the former. You can’t tell from their appearance because they all look like the good, next-door-neighbor kind of boys. It’s the way they talk, the way they charm you with their quirks and how completely opposite they seem to be from f***boys that lure you in.

Softboys may seem like the perfect guy to fall in love with, but be careful because these are just acts to play with your feelings. We connected the dots, found at least five common signs to spot a softboy, and we listed them down for you:

1. He’s hung up on his ex but he’s flirting with you

“I like you but I don’t want to break your heart.” “I still love my ex but you make me happy.” We’ve heard all that before! They make it seem like they’re into you and give you mixed signals, but there’s one thing that’s clear: he hasn’t moved on from his ex. Don’t waste your time getting attached.

2. He texts you for late night conversations

“I’m sad, are you up?”

Hate to break it to you, but it’s not that deep. Did you talk about the stars and how it reminds him of your eyes? Did you talk about existentialism or what the meaning of love is? Oh and the classic, “have you watched 500 Days of Summer?”

It’s all so dreamy that you think about him for days, weeks, even months. For a moment, you actually think, “Wow. This guy actually has feelings.”

3. He writes poetry or makes music

Suddenly you think this softboy has depth because he can write you a song, or dedicate a poem for you. He’s smart and he gets your jokes. He understands the memes you send or a quote from your favorite book. Honestly, we totally get why he’s your type, but…

4. He has commitment issues

It could be for different reasons. Commonly, he’s been cheated on and he doesn’t want to experience that anymore. Or maybe because he says he has issues he needs to deal with and he doesn’t want to bring you down with him, and the classic, “I’m just not ready for a relationship yet.”

It might be because he just prefers being single and he enjoys talking to different girls at the same time. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

5. He’s sensitive

Just think of Michael Cera and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters in their movies – how you initially sympathize with them for being sensitive, dorky, and sweet, but they later turn out to be horrible, entitled, and manipulative. Softboys are problematic, because they know the sole purpose of why they’re around you, but you don’t.

Don’t waste your time on softboys that don’t know what they want. If anything, get yourself a man.

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