Teresa Loyzaga Gives Update on Diego Loyzaga’s State

Ever since Diego Loyzaga dropped out of the public eye late last year due to rumors of having depression, not much has been heard of the actor. Diego has kept to himself in order to recover from personal issues and now his mother has given an update on how he is doing and even promised that her son will return to showbiz.

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Teresa Loyzaga Gives Update on Diego Loyzaga's State In-Article 2

Teresa Loyzaga has opened up about her son’s current state on her guesting on Magandang Buhay  last July 1. “Now he wants to go to school. He wants to study directing. Sabi ko, ‘Why not?’ Kasi he has an eye, magaling siya sa camera talaga. Alam niya ang shots, alam niya yung codes. Sabi ko, ‘Good on you!”

Teresa Loyzaga Gives Update on Diego Loyzaga's State In-Article

Diego’s mother also revealed that he is set to return to showbiz although couldn’t promise a date as of now. “Ayaw namin kayong i-let down. Soon we will be able to give you a date and we will be able to say yes. Right now let’s wait in happy anticipation. Again, thank you dahil ‘yung suporta po niyo ay napakalaking tulong sa amin. Babalik siya, at pagdating ng araw na ‘yon, happy na again,” declared Teresa.

We sure do miss seeing Diego on screen! We’re glad to hear that he’s doing well after having some time to recover.

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