The Best Reactions To Ariana Grande’s New Song, ‘thank u, next’

Ariana Grande is never one to keep her relationships secret.

She doesn’t shy away from cameras nor does she stay low-key on social media. In fact, she does the complete opposite. Which is why her fans, the media, and the general public are always updated with Ariana Grande’s life. May it be a new song, a budding romance, or a sad breakup.

The 25-year-old singer has definitely had a fair share of shocking news happening around her life; some good ones, some bad.

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The most recent one, however, is calling off the engagement with former fiance, Pete Davidson. 

Of course, everyone was talking about the split as another name goes down on her list of exes. But if Ariana is anything, she’s a fighter. And she reclaims her story by releasing a new track, ‘thank u, next’ that namedrops her exes just before Saturday Night Live returned.

“In a way, Grande’s dominance over the narrative of her split was preordained. Davidson may make a living spinning tragedy into self-deprecating jokes, but Grande’s sincerity has always shone through as she speaks directly to her fans and leaves them with something hopeful to hold onto,” Vanity Fair writes.

While some have thought her new song was going to be a diss to Pete Davidson, Ariana once again proves that she’s the bigger person by doing the exact opposite. Instead of throwing shade or spilling tea, she thanks each of her ex–including Pete–for being part of her life.

Her fans, however, had a lot to say about the new song and we listed down the best ones here:

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