Is Youtube Beauty Community Dying? ThatsHeart Says You’re Watching The Wrong People

Genuine kindness and a smile so contagious, Heart Defensor Telagaarta comes back to Manila after 3 years.

In the YouTube beauty community, she’s known as ThatsHeart, but in person, she’s merely a simple girl excited to come back to her home country. With over 2.2 Million subscribers on Youtube, this Fil-Am sweetheart is one of the most influential beauty vloggers in the US.

And we can definitely see why. She stood in her stiletto heels for three hours and kept a bright smile as fans went to meet her at Benefit Cosmetics. And even as she sat in the corner of the room, hidden from the crowd after an hour of M&G, Heart remained humble while having a lighthearted conversation with MEG about her life as a YouTuber.

On being real

This is the first time Heart visited the Philippines as a married woman. Bringing along her hubby, Arnold, and Filipino bestie, Vincent, she shares how important it is to be surrounded with real people. That starts with meeting them personally and seeing their authentic self without the glam and the camera.

In the years of being respected in the beauty community, Heart has worked with many celebrities. Like Kim Kardashian West, who invited Heart to her house during the launch of her cosmetics line, KKW Beauty just last year.  Of course, by being associated with controversial people, it’s expected that not everyone will welcome reviews with open arms. Not to mention all the issues sprouting the Beauty Community, with YouTubers getting exposed here and there.

It’s almost impossible not to get linked with their drama. Anyone who loves YouTube will see the feud surrounding known beauty gurus. Even mainstream media are covering the news – the beauty community perceived as toxic, fake, or canceled.

However, Heart has something to say about it.

“If you think that the beauty community is dying, then you’re watching the wrong people,” she said.

True indeed, there are loads of YouTubers out there that are more worthy of your views. Some who work extra hard to share the things they are passionate about. Heart shares that at the beginning of the year, she was determined to work harder, to partner with brands, and just keep herself preoccupied with traveling with influencers. But over time, she felt more tired than accomplished.

That’s why this time, she wanted to do her own thing; back to her roots, and partner with a brand that’s more than willing to help. Benefit Cosmetics brought her back in Manila with only a few weeks to plan. And no doubt that it was a successful one.