Things Are Better Between Robin Padilla and Aljur Abrenica!

It looks like all’s well that ends well for the Padilla and Abrenica families, especially for Robin Padilla, his daughter Kylie, and her partner, Aljur Abrenica. After what seems like a long time of family feud and estrangement, Robin, Aljur, and Kylie have finally patched things up. Related: Robin Padilla Disapproves Unmarried Status of Kylie-Aljur? In the wee hours of Feb. 18, Aljur posted photos of his family, the Abrenicas, meeting up with the Padillas, and the two families look like they had a great time bonding! In the photo with them was Alas Joaquin, the baby that seems to have united both his families. It can be remembered that Robin didn’t approve of his daughter’s relationship with Aljur before, and father and daughter were estranged. Things seem to have gotten better gradually when there were posts made of Robin finally meeting and bonding with his grandson, and his wife Mariel Padilla also meeting the baby.

In the posts that Aljur made this Feb. 18, the caption read: “Wala ng mas mahalaga pa sa pamilya at siyempre sa ngiting ngayon ko pa lang nakita mula sa mahal ko.. Salamat po sa mainit na pagtanggap..” The photo for this caption shows Robin, wife Mariel, Aljur, Kylie, and Robin’s mom, Eva Padilla. Also in the photo are the Abrenicas, with Aljur’s brother Vin, and the rest of his family, holding baby Alas. Another photo shows a selfie of Kylie and dad Robin, together with Aljur. Kylie’s Instagram stories show how happy she is that her family has finally accepted Aljur and the Abrenicas. We’re happy with this development especially now that Baby Alas’ two families have finally united and can get along with each other. There were rumors earlier this month that Robin didn’t like Aljur for his daughter because Aljur still hasn’t married Kylie but the two are living in together under the same roof with their baby. Robin can be conservative, and believes that couples should marry before living in together. Kylie even posted a letter before in her social media that, while not addressed to anyone, is believed to have been for her dad. The letter talks about forgiveness and healing. Some parts of the letter went, “Fighting for ‘what’s right’ no longer comes from a good place but a place of hate and anger therefore turns you into exactly what you are trying to fight. Understanding, forgiving and walking away takes great courage. Honesty takes great courage. To sit there in your own pain and slowly heal through it without blaming someone else is not something most people choose to do because it is hard. So instead they would rather go to their emotions and shoot hate at every direction, every person that they can. If you truly desire change and justice, you choose the peaceful path. Have people not learned from past mistakes.”

Solid tayo.

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In a recent press conference, Robin has also refused to answer questions about Aljur and would dismiss them which was why he still gave the impression that he was not in good terms with his daughter’s partner. Even if Robin had conflict with Kylie and Aljur, it could be seen in previous posts months ago, how he did his lolo duties and bonded with Alas several times. We’re glad Robin, Aljur, Kylie, and their families have accepted each other, and look forward to the bonding that they’re all going to have. Baby Alas sure is lucky to have peace in both his families now. Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad Read more: