Eight Things We Loved About Kisses' First Solo Concert

Pinoy Big Brother graduate and Kapamilya teen princess, Kisses Delavin, finally had her own solo concert! Titled #ConfidentlyKisses, the show consisted of hot dance performances, sentimental ballads, an all-star guest list, and romantic performances with one of Kisses’ leading men. Read on for why it was a night to remember: Related: Haters Gonna Hate: Kisses Delavin Shines at the Big Dome 

  1. Her all-out dance performances
Kisses wowed her audience with her fierce dances moves right from the very beginning! Audiences were amazed right from the very moment when she first came out, being brought down by an astral-inspired platform, after which she performed Demy Lovato’s song, “Confident.” She then performed other numbers that brought out the feistiness in her, like Little Mix’s “Power,” proving that there’s more to Kisses than her pa-tweetums image, or being sugar, spice, and everything nice.
2. How she rapped and played the guitar! A lady who can play the guitar is definitely sexy, so we love it that Kisses channeled her inner Swiftie (she confesses to being an avid Taylor Swift fan) and played the instrument! She has knowledge of how to play the guitar and has videos practicing, but it’s a great moment to see her finally doing it during her concert. Kisses also rapped to Macklemore’s “Glorious” during her show! 3. The star-studded line-up of guests! We loved watching Kisses perform and interact with her special guests, such as Marlo Mortel, Sam Milby, and the Queen Mother herself, Karla Estrada! Karla even had a special message for fans, asking them to stop fandom wars and support artists like Kisses and Maymay equally instead of getting into rivalries. Philippine STAR columnist and showbiz guru Ricky Lo was also there to show his support. Other celebrities in the audience who showed support for the concert princess were Ara Mina, Say Alonzo, Vivoree Esclito, Christian Morones, and Brian Gazmen.

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4. Kisses’ kilig partners Honestly, it’s hard to choose between cuties Tony Labrusca and Donny Pangilinan when they’re both being paired with you. And our concert princess, Kisses, is so lucky to have that problem! Some of the best parts of #ConfidentlyKisses were Kisses’ moments with both these leading men–Tony, when they performed together, and when he held her romantically in his arms, during their numbers; Donny, when he lent his support by watching from the very beginning, and also going up to congratulate Kisses for the successful concert! Both Tony and Donny have magical chemistry with this concert princess, so having them during the show definitely had the sparks flying and had the kilig meter flying way off the chartsHow about you, whose team are you on, Team KissTon or DonKiss?

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Here’s a bonus for you guys: Someone filmed Tony saying goodbye to Kisses that night! He gave her a beso on the cheek and held her arm after! We’re sure many of you won’t be able to breathe and would need oxygen tanks after seeing this clip!
5. Kisses’ wow-worthy Francis Libiran outfits Kisses’ is a Francis Libiran girl, having worn the designer during important events in her life such as her debut and the Star Magic Ball. It was no wonder that Kisses obtained the services of the renowned Filipino designer again this time and had her beautiful, intricate gowns made by Francis for another milestone in her life, her first-ever solo concert! We’re still drooling from the gorgeousness of her feminine ball gowns and other colorful beaded numbers. We also love how the gowns suited Kisses, and made her look every inch a queen that night!
6. The support of Kisses’ fellow Pinoy Big Brother Housemates The Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 batchmates are such a tight-knight bunch, and we’re glad they still managed to maintain the friendships and support each other even if they’ve been through a lot, and had some tension before. It was touching to see Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata, Kisses’ batchmates in PBB, watch her concert and post messages of support (Maymay had to attend a La Luna Sangre event after so she was only there during the start).

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7. Her epic The Greatest Showman-inspired performances Looks like Kisses and Tony gave Zendaya and Zac Efron a run for their money, when they performed the latter’s hit song, “Rewrite the Stars,” from The Greatest Showman! Kidding aside, we love how KissTon’s version of this beautiful song also had aerial elements, such as the two hanging on swings to imitate the circus stunts that Zendaya and Zac did on the film. Kisses also sang another song from the hit film, this time the memorable and inspirational track, “This is Me,” as her finale.
8. How Kisses made her fans feel special It was Kisses’ special night, but she also made her fans feel special by literally reaching out to them after her concert! She took selfies with them, shook their hands, had them kiss and hug her, said her thanks, and so much more! We love a star who’s grateful and loves her fans, so what a great gesture from Kisses!
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