This Actress Wrote An Open Letter For Kim Kardashian To Abandon Fur

Lately, Kim Kardashian has been channeling vintage icons in her fashion editorials. The reality star’s recent photoshoot for CR Fashion Book made waves on social media, as she donned a pink lingerie and fur coat ensemble. However, one icon that she simulated in particular, has completely different views toward wearing animal fur. Actress and iconic 90s symbol, Pamela Anderson, has always been an animal rights activist. Now, the Baywatch leading lady has written an open letter to Kim Kardashian to go fur-free.

The star wraps up in an oversize black coat | Photo courtesy of Splash News
Kim has been criticised for her choices | Photo courtesy of Splash News

“Dear Kim, It was lovely seeing you at New York Fashion Week,” she begins, referring to the Juergen Teller and Vivienne Westwood exhibition where the pair posed for photos. “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you over the years, and I can tell you’re a good person with a big, beautiful heart. I’m writing to ask you to extend your compassion to real fashion victims—the animals who are violently killed in the fur trade—by swearing off fur this winter.” She then proceeds to explain the gruesome conditions of one fur farm PETA exposed. “You know I love you, and you can be a hero for animals as well as a great example to all your beautiful followers by swearing off fur,” Anderson writes. “Please do the right thing. You’d be praised all over the world, including by my close friends at PETA.”

Kim poses with a fan | Photo courtesy of FameFlynet UK

Pamela Anderson has hit out at Kim | Photo courtesy of Mike Windle/Getty Images

Anderson also cited supermodel Gisele Bundchen as an example of a famous figure who has recently sworn off fur, as well as first lady Melania Trump. Kim has never been shy of exhibiting her elaborate style, with fur being a huge part of her outfits. She has yet to respond to Anderson’s open letter. Hopefully, if she does respond, it would lead the way to fur-less fashion.