10 Tips From Andrea Brillantes’ Bali Adventure For Budget Travellers

Are you planning to go to Bali, Indonesia and want to make the most out of your trip with a limited budget?

You can still visit Bali on a budget and experience all the best tourist spots if you know where to look. Visit the top destinations, taste their iconic dishes, and shop the best souvenirs by following this Bali travel guide from Andrea Brillantes’ #MEGTravels episode!

1. Look out for seat sales for the cheapest airplane tickets

Before anything, you should be on the lookout for the cheapest roundtrip deals at your most trusted airlines. Every now and then, airlines like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific, etc. announce seat sales on their official pages. But it always helps to plan a few months ahead of your trip to get cheaper seats. Another way to assure cheaper seats is to download a travel app that helps predict seat and hotel prices on your target dates. Seat sales going to Bali can go as low as P7,000-P12,00o.

2. Pack smart

Pack Smart

They say the less you bring, the better. It will also save you the costly hassle of exceeding the baggage limit. So roll your clothes, pour your shampoo and conditioner into small bottles, bring only the essentials, and of course, don’t forget your travel-friendly makeup kit.

3. Check the conversion rate

It’s important to know the conversion rate before going to the country you want to visit so that you’re aware if you’re actually saving or spending more on the items you buy. For example, a rattan bag would usually cost P1,500 in the Philippines, but in Bali, it only costs 150,000 IDR which is roughly P500 only.

4. Plan your airport transfer

Gojek App

Airport transfers are usually expensive, but with the GOJEK App, you can book a large car for only 43,000 IDR which is estimated at only P160 if your hotel is near the airport (like us!) The large car can fit up to four pieces of luggage and four passengers. GOJEK is the cheapest mode of transportation–cheaper than a taxi!

5. Search up the main towns

Photo credit: (IG: @trt2)

Knowing your way around the main towns will help a lot in planning your itinerary. Bali is a relatively small island, but hopping from one tourist spot to another can still take hours depending on the traffic. You wouldn’t want to waste a full day just going to one place when you could have gone to multiple destinations, right? For #MEGTravelsBali, we went to Denpasar, Ubud, Tegalalang, Bangli, and Lempuyang.

6. Accommodation according to your taste

Accommodation in Bali can go as low as 350,000 IDR (P1,300) per night. Private villas are quite popular too thanks to Airbnb‘s cheap offers. If you’re more comfortable in hotels, we recommend Watermark Hotel; the hotel Andrea stayed at for #MEGTravels. It has a luxurious and spacious room worth P10,000 for four people, it has a beautiful swimming pool and exceptional room service–even in the wee hours of the night! It’s also only 5 kilometers from the airport.

7. Know which mode of transportation fits your itinerary

There are plenty of options for transportation too. You can rent a motorcycle to beat the traffic in central cities, ride public buses, or if you plan to tour the whole day, a practical option is to hire a Klook Van Rental. We got a deal for P1736 for every ten hours.

8. Hire a tour guide

We hired the Bali Bible for our Instagram Tour which cost P2,500 per head. A custom tour starting at 6 AM picks you up from your hotel to get you around Bali’s most iconic locations with a tour guide tagging along. For 10 hours, you can visit these spots:

  1. The iconic ‘Gates of Heaven’ overlooking the majestic Mount Agung, which is one of the most Instagrammed locations in Bali.
  2. The Royal Water Palace in Eastern Bali then lush rice paddies of northeastern Bali where you can get some snaps of the beauty of inner Bali.
  3. Secret Waterfall where you can admire the sun rays shining straight through the top of the falls, creating natural beams across the canyon.
  4. If time permits, you can head to The Beautiful rice fields in Ubud and then finish with visiting the famous ‘Jungle Swing’.


– VIP transfer with your own personal driver or tour guide

– Entrance fees for all venues in the itinerary above

– Water in the car


– Jungle Swing cost

– Lunch cost

Check out the Bali Bible’s Instagram Tour deals here!

9. Where to eat

Drop by Mad Pops to cool off and get a scoop of their delicious ice cream. Don’t forget to take a picture beside their neon sign! Bali’s street food is also one for the books. In Bali, these authentic stalls and restaurants are called, “Warung.”

Try out the food in these restaurants too—if you happen to pass by:

Bebek Bengil – they have the best crispy duck in Ubud!

Dewata Agung – the vegan menu is delicious and the place is a sight in itself!

Dewata Agung
Photo credit (IG: @lele_81)

10. How to bargain and where

Ubud Market is the top destination for all things shopping and bargaining. Our tip for getting a good deal is to ask for half the price the vendors offer—from there, you can start bargaining for a deal much less than the first offer. Most of them are generous with their offers, though large rattan bags don’t usually go lower than 150,000 IDR.

Are you ready to go to Bali? Watch our #MEGTravelsBali with Andrea Brillantes here for more tips!