Here Are The Unexpected Pairs Spotted At MEGA Equality Ball

Last Independence day, MEGA Magazine held its yearly NewPH ball.  Each year, we spot quite a few unexpected pairs attending the event. With this year’s MEGA Equality Ball, it is no different. We spotted Marco Gallo and Laura Barber arrive at the red carpet together seemingly as each other’s dates as well Frankie Pangilinan and PBB: Otso‘s Rhys Miguel .

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Edward Barber’s sister Laura showed up at the MEGA Equality Ball’s red carpet with her father and Marco Gallo. The two were immediately asked if they came together as each other’s dates to which they both confirmed just as “friendly dates”.  They came to keep each other company since Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata couldn’t make it to the ball.

Laura Barber and Marco Gallo

Another unexpected pair that we spotted was Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Frankie Pangilinan and PBB: Otso’s Rhys Miguel.

In a message that was sent to Inside Showbiz, Rhys clarified that they only came as friends as well.

Frankie Pangilinan and Rhys Miguel

Would you ship these two couples together?

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