Unpopular Opinion: Is The Trend Just A Free Pass To Spread Hate?

For the past few weeks, Twitter has been dominated by tweets following the trend of Unpopular Opinion Editions. The nature of this trend is as its name states: it’s for people to tweet their thoughts on a particular matter or subject that aren’t widely accepted or known by other people.

At best, although the tweets don’t follow the definition of ‘unpopular’ as it has over ten thousand retweets and likes, they shed light on issues such as toxic traditions and food.

Aside from the serious and enlightening turn it has undertaken, they have also provided Twitter a source of entertainment.

However, as more and more people create threads of various subjects, from local and international celebrities to food, the initial purpose of the trend becomes obscure. While tweets are gaining hundreds and thousands of retweets and likes, this trend has become a tool to propagate negative opinions that are agreed upon and relatable for the majority.

It’s not healthy to the viewers of the tweet as well as the subject being talked about.  The definition of the word ‘unpopular’ turned to something that is insulting and toxic. From the nature of this trend being an avenue to express opinions that are not commonly shared by others, posters of these tweets mistake this as a free pass to openly criticize others in a bad light.

Although it may still be considered as unpopular in comparison to its more accepted counterpart, the way it is disseminated and talked about proves to be unhealthy. There is change not only in the content in the tweet, but in the attitude of the original posters of the tweets themselves.

Thankfully, there have been a growing number of tweets that oppose what has become of this trend, and shedding light on the possible negative effects this can impart on others.

The words we choose to speak out and verbalize hold the power over something and even someone. Despite being given the chance to voice out one’s opinions, we should remain aware of the consequences of our actions, and be more empathetic towards others.