3 Upcoming Concerts in Feb: Which is the most exciting?

James Reid and Nadine Lutre are set to dominate the Big Dome with their badass concert titled Revolution, Maymay Entrata‘s first solo concert dubbed as The Dream is officially happening at the Kia Theater, and Morissette Amon‘s dream of performing in Araneta will also take place this month. Check out our rundown for dates and ticket prices of these exciting shows. Book your tickets now! James Reid and Nadine Lustre Title: Revolution When: February 09, 2018 Where: Smart Araneta Coliseum Related: JaDine Announces Concert Comeback With Revolution Concert

Morissette Amon Title: Morissette is Made When: February 20, 2018 Where: Smart Araneta Coliseum Related: Morissette Shares Preparations for Her First Araneta Concert
Maymay Entrata  Title: The Dream When: February 23, 2018 Where: Kia Theater Related: Maymay Entrata’s Most Challenging Performance Yet!
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