Verniece Enciso Opens Up About Quarter Life Crisis and VV and Co.

Like two peas in a pod, Vern and Verniece Enciso are the inseparable sisters that are all over Philippine social media. As two of the biggest bloggers in the country, Vern and Verniece are set to have big projects ahead of them. Starting with their very first perfume collection for VV and Co.

The much-awaited collection has been a mystery for their avid readers. For months, the siblings teased something in the works for their new business, VV and Co. However, while most people thought it would be a makeup line, the Enciso sisters caught everyone by surprise by revealing two unique perfumes at the private MEGA x VV and Co launch at Champagne Room.

Vern Enciso’s scent, the Vern Perfume, is the fresh and sophisticated smell. It’s complex and easy to wear – offering a new definition of femininity. While the Verniece Eu de Toilette is fruity and floral. It smells like a lot younger scent with its soft and tender top notes that instantly sweeps you into a whirlwind of happiness and fantasy.

Before the event took off, we spoke to Verniece Enciso to talk about the truth behind her perfume scent. While Verniece may be ever-social media-present, there’s a lot of things we have yet to discover about Verniece as she grows up in the age of the digital era. This is how the e-mail interview went:

Have you ever struggled to separate your identity to your sister? Or do you like that you’re always associated with Vern?

I never felt that it was a struggle. Having a sister/best friend by my side in almost everything I do is probably one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

For the sake of your new followers out there, how can we tell you and Vern apart?

One of our differences is our outlook in life and I think this is what made us very compatible. I have my flaws and she has her flaws. There are times where I can be more brave and willing to take risks and she can be more reserved. Times where she can be more vocal about her feelings and I retreat in my shell and be an introvert but with all of these, we managed to keep it balanced and make life worth living. As for physically, it’s more fun to keep you guessing! 😉

You’ve told me once that you’re not usually the type of person who opens up on social media. How does that work when you literally make a living out of sharing content online?

As a little girl, I was the type who would never show how she really felt. I was an introvert and would hide and express my feelings through ice skating. But as I entered the digital world, years ago, this helped me voice out my emotions. It made me comfortable sharing pieces of myself to others which helped me grow as a person. I used to just seclude myself from the world and that really made me close-minded about a lot of things in life. Ever since I started blogging, I found that it’s better to put myself out there.

Who is Verniece Enciso when she isn’t an ‘influencer-slash-blogger’?

Just an ordinary girl who loves spending time with her family and friends. Who loves trying new adventures and restaurants and who also has those lazy nights where all she wants to do “Netflix and pig out.”

Being in between the era of Gen Z’s and Millennials, are you still a part of the people who still aren’t sure about life or what you want to do in the future? Some say it’s called a quarter life crisis. Have you ever experienced that? How?

To be honest, I’m currently experiencing that now. Just like any other person, I sometimes question myself if is this the right path I want to take or what I really want to be in the next few years but as a young girl who’s going through all these roller coasters of emotions, I realized that I only have two options. Either I drown myself in thoughts that would make my life harder or enjoy the journey while reaching for my goals. In this digital age, yes, it’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to everyone else but we should also realize that we are living in an era where opportunities are limitless. Who would have thought going to places we’ve only dreamt of is just a click away? Who would have thought that anyone can be an entrepreneur? Who would have thought you can express yourself freely? Even I never thought I would be where I am if I didn’t step out my comfort zone
and just go for it. It might be risky but as what I believe in, don’t be scared be excited.

Your new perfume line is kind of like a metaphor with you and Vern. Physically the same, but inside there’s a difference. Yours smells sweet and powdery, while Vern’s is floral and musky. Can you tell me the story behind your fragrance?

It all actually started with a childhood memory. My sister and I’s fondest one is our dad kissing us goodbye every morning and he leaves this trail of scent that just lingered till we see him again later on at night. It was unlocked when we were in a department store abroad and we got a whisk of that scent that brought back that simple yet memorable scene we had as kids. He’s always been our hero and the person we looked up to the most so having that memory has always been so special to us. Then and there we knew that fragrance is the business we want to venture in, we want to help unlock old memories and even be the keeper of new ones.

We had two types of girls in mind when we were making our scents… For Verniece, it’s very sweet and fresh. It has remnants of a girl who is
very happy taking little, unsure steps to figure out what she wants in life. She’s taking her sweet time and she’s not taking life too seriously yet. It’s a fragrance one can wear to school, a girl who’s experiencing her first job, on dates with her first real love or even a trip with her girlfriends.

Throughout the social media teasing of VV and Co, your supporters had the impression that it’s going to be a makeup line. Did you consider that too? Why choose perfume?

We honestly wanted a makeup line at first but when Vern and I were doing our yearly closet cleaning, we noticed that we have as much perfume bottles as lipsticks! We didn’t even know how big of a part it plays in our everyday beauty routine till that moment so we knew that girls and guys out there would relate to our little story. We consider VV&Co a beauty brand though… so you never know, makeup might be in the works too. 😉

Vern and Verniece’s new perfume collection for VV and Co. are retailing at Php999 for Verniece and Php1299 for Vern. 

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