Vice Ganda Lashes Out On Bashers Over “Privileged” Tweet

Not one to sugarcoat things, Vice Ganda has created quite a fuss online after he has been blunt about he he lives his life.

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Vice Ganda is currently being nitpicked by netizens due to his very blunt tweets about how he lives his life.

It all started when Vice tweeted about wanting to shop and how his life is so good. This prompted netizens to call Vice “privileged” and that he was being insensitive to other Filipinos who don’t live the same way that he does.

It took a while before Vice got wind of the replies that were coming in because of his tweet. The comedian did not see anything wrong with what he said and even defended it by saying that everyone shops.

The comedian even posted a screenshot of the replies that people were sending him because of his tweet.

The rush of replies to Vice did not sway him from changing his stand on what he first tweeted. The comedian even posted more screenshots of the replies being sent in and just looked at them in a comedic way.

After everything that was being replied to him, Vice opted to end the issue by just summarizing the whole Twitter experience.

Do you agree with Vice’s sentiments on how netizens reacted towards his tweets?

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