VIRAL: Do You Hear Yanny Or Laurel? Netizens Are Going Mad!

There’s another debate going rounds on social media, but instead of your eyes playing tricks on you, it’s your ears! Some netizens think they hear “Yanny” but there are people who think it’s “Laurel.”

What do you hear?

There are two voices that you could possibly be hearing: a high-pitched voice saying “Yanny” or a low-pitched voice saying “Laurel.”

It’s another one of those ‘is the dress blue and black or white and gold?’

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or the ‘is the shoe ‘green and grey or pink and white?’

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We know what you’re thinking: how could “Laurel” possibly be mistaken for “Yanny” and vise versa?! Bottomline is, whether you hear one or the other, it really depends on what you want to hear. Just like when you’re at a concert, you won’t be able to hear the person beside you unless you’re really paying attention. That’s because your brain filters and selects what you want to hear.

Like all the other viral visual debates, the Yanny vs Laurel clip is just another low quality recording. What we learned from Popular Science’s in-depth explanation, there’s actually a right answer to this.

According to Britt Yazel, a researcher at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, he thinks that the audio is saying Laurel.

“I honestly think after looking at the spectrograms and playing with some filters that this is just the word “Laurel” with some high frequency artifacts overlaying it,” At first he thought it was two voices overlaid, but then he started to clean the audio up. Now he’s convinced that the overlaid frequencies above 4.5 kHz are what makes other people hear “yanny.”

After all this explained, we can personally hear both Yanny and Laurel. But one rings clear above the other: it’s Laurel.

What do you hear? Share this to your friends and let the debate begin!