Vivoree Esclito’s Story: Stars Shine Brightest In The Darkness

Bright-eyed and full of dreams, Vivoree Esclito is a young star waiting to shine.

You might have seen her in Pinoy Big Brother Season 7 with her batchmates, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Marco Gallo, and Kisses Delavin. But Vivoree is her own woman with a pure heart and an idealistic mind.

Vivoree Esclito attends BYS Lustrous Anniversary Dinner. Photo by Yukie Sarto. Art by Suzanne Allbabidi MEG
Vivoree Esclito attends BYS Lustrous Anniversary Dinner. Photo by Yukie Sarto.

Trying new things is far from Vivoree’s worries. Her youthful exuberance drives her to discover new talents such as acting. In the showbiz industry, keeping up with like-minded people could be a struggle. Even if she can sing, dance, and compose her own songs, there are times when it just isn’t enough.

During the BYS Lustrous Anniversary Dinner last night, October 9, successful and influential people shared their stories of struggles and pain. Vivoree was among one of the few women who was only starting out in the entertainment industry. It was clear as day that she hasn’t been tainted by the toxicity of trying to become someone she is not as she talked about her passions, hopes, and dreams in her very young career. Vivoree is a genuine starling amidst a row of experienced and influential people.

Star-struck, she watched her idol, Nadine Lustre, arrive at the event. One would think that as a rising artist, she would be used to seeing famous celebrities all the time. But Vivoree still had a glimmer in her eyes, in hopes of becoming just like Nadine one day.

As the night went on, the 18-year-old Vivoree redeemed herself. She had a story waiting to be heard.

“I got depressed after PBB. Pagkalabas ko, parang medyo nangangapa pa ako. Inexpect ko na mabibigyan ako ng big breaks kaagad. That was also my mistake. Pero that time, hindi ko pa naisip yun,” Vivoree shared.

PBB is like a factory where all the big celebrities get discovered. As a reality show, people who watch it will see the contestant’s true selves. Of course, once they get out of Big Brother’s house, it’s expected that there are some who will get more exposure and support compared to others.

Vivoree was among the contestants on the other end of that spectrum. Fame didn’t come to her instantly. As she was constantly being compared to her other batchmates who have had bigger breaks instantly after PBB, it didn’t help her situation. Her insecurities piled up one after the other and she felt like everything she was doing was no longer enough.

“Hindi ko siya sinabi kahit kanino. Every night, umiiyak talaga ako. I didn’t ask for anyone’s help. Parang wala ka nang energy gawin lahat ng bagay. Ayaw mo nang kumain. Even the things that you like to do, like singing, dancing…  ayaw ko na gawin. Naisip ko, ‘paano ko kaya papadaliin buhay ko?… take my own life?'”

As BYS opens their doors for these seemingly happy and successful people, they voice out the sentiments they’ve been keeping to themselves for a long time. Being aware and taking care of your mental health is a step to acknowledging that you need help.

“Yung mga na nandyan para sa akin, kahit na dati wala akong tiwala sa sarili ko, ine-encourage nila ako. Yun yung nagbigay sa akin ng hope,” Vivoree shares on how she kept herself going despite her thoughts. Since then, she appeared in shows like Maalaala Mo Kaya, Wansapanataym, and Ipaglaban Mo. 

As we see familiar faces like Nadine and Vivoree, we should start to take mental health more seriously. Just think: even the people we look up to can feel the same emptiness. So if you are showing signs of or suffering from depression, reach out.

Those who need further help may call suicide prevention hotlines below.

  • 2919 (toll-free number for all GLOBE and TM subscribers)
  • (02) 804-HOPE (4673)
  • 0917 558 HOPE (4673)