Vivoree Esclito Is MEG’s November Digital Cover Girl

Not too long ago, I met Vivoree Esclito at a dinner event where I got to know her story better.

In a room full of important people, I knew each one of us had an interesting story to tell. But hers was my favorite among all of them.

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A change of fate

Vivoree’s name is unlike any other. From the word ‘survivor,’ this young girl lives to tell the tale of how she changes her fate; from having a 50/50 chance of surviving before she was born, to almost ending her life 18 years later.

For November, we chose Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night to interpret Vivoree’s story. The painting by Van Gogh is a rare nighttime glimpse into what the artist saw while in isolation. In 1889, Van Gogh wrote, “through the iron-barred window, I can make out a square of wheat in an enclosure, above which in the morning I see the sunrise in its glory.”

Like Van Gogh, Vivoree is a dreamer. Though at one point in time, she felt like a failure, her dreams are what keeps her going to chase the vibrant success that her future holds.

Vivoree Esclito MEG November Digital Cover
Vivoree Esclito is MEG’s Digital Cover Girl for November

Tune in to and our YouTube channel this November for Vivoree’s cover story and an exclusive video of her reaching for the stars!

Photography by: Yukie Sarto

Art Direction by: Suzanne Allbabidi

Sittings Editor: Elyse Ilagan

Make up by: Mickey See

Hair by: Francis Guintu for Revlon Professional

Styling by: Vanessa Mercado

Assisted by: Gabby Gamboa & Steph Domingo

Nails by: Jomae Bondoc

Words by: Samantha Valmonte

Associate Publisher: Erika Austria

Publisher: Archie Carrasco

Special thanks to: Shaira Bungcag, BYS, Captain Luz, Secret Burger, and Coffee & Protein