Vivoree Esclito Reveals Her Struggle With Depression After PBB

One of a kind. That’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Vivoree Esclito’s name.

People commonly ask the origin of her peculiar name. Vivoree lights up, recalls a time in her life when her mom explains it to her herself.

“It came from the word survivor,” Vivoree shares to MEG at the launch of the #IAmLustrousHearHerStory at Events 1771. “Before I was born, the doctors told my mom that there was a slim chance for me to survive. But my mom persevered and told them that she was still having me.”

Survivor to this day

She was a premature baby – 7 months old when she was born. The eldest among three siblings, Vivoree is the breadwinner of the family. Up to this day, Vivoree is still considered a survivor. She had her own battles that she recently shared at the“#IAmLustrous: Hear Her Story” video campaign. Along with 11 other media personalities, Vivoree talks about her experiences and advocacies in dealing with fear, depression, anxiety and promoting mental health awareness.

She shares to Meg that when she came out of the Pinoy Big Brother house, her problems started piling up and she became depressed. Hear her story here.

EXCLUSIVE: Vivoree Esclito’s Story: Stars Shine Brightest In The Darkness

Harnessing her voice and stardom to spotlight a greater cause, Vivoree Esclito opens up about her own story and why reaching out in times of uncertainty is important.Hear her story. #IAmLustrousHearHerStory

Posted by Lustrous on Saturday, 13 October 2018

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