Skeleton Watch: The Watch Trend We All Want To Wear This Year

Remember when everyone wanted a big, bulky G-Shock?

Watch is an ever-changing trend just like sneakers. Sometimes we want it simple and classy, then the next trend is bulky and unique. A true ‘watch enthusiast’ remembers the first watch they were ever obsessed with. Whether it was an electric purple G-Shock, a classic brown Casio, or the One Direction all-white watch that came for free in 1D’s first and only concert in the Philippines.

There is nothing that beats the excitement of getting a brand new watch to wear every day. Maybe it’s just me, but wearing a watch makes me feel like it completes the ‘I’m ready to conquer the world today’ look.

Of course, like any trend, we still want to express our own individuality. The watch industry continues to evolve over the years, but here’s the newest style to look out for.

The Electricianz: A skeleton watch that you can see from inside out.

“The Electricianz is a Swiss brand that offers high-quality watches made from fine materials and focuses on its special intricate and “electrifying” design. Its skeletonized face lets you see the inner workings of how this watch wonderfully moves.”

It comes in different styles, too! So whether you’re into simplexity or quirkiness, there’s a style that’s perfect for you.

The Dresscode


Traditional elegance with a twist, The Dresscode is The Electricianz’ hallmark, a timeless must-have. The watch subtly intertwines the true values of Swiss luxury Horlogerie and a fierce spirit of independence. You can pull this watch off at formal events!

The Ammeter


Inspired from the technical warning devices, the Ammeter is made from screwdrivers and matches it with a wild mix of the colors black, yellow and red. With this watch, it achieves to give a fierce, provocative, yet modern and classically urban. It can be worn under all circumstances!

The Mokaz


A sumptuous velvety leather embraces the Mokaz’ delicate case. Fall colors elegantly enhance the volume of the watch, putting forth its depth and roundness. The Mokaz feels like a productive morning on a sunny yet fresh day, where time flies inconspicuously as cappuccinos are downed between emails and important encounters. But do not fall prey to its discreet looks: its true power is revealed at night. You were warned!

The Blackout


From the coal tones of the case to the browner shades of the display, everything about the Blackout shouts the majesty of night-time explorations, when time flows freely in the silence of otherwise crowded venues. Mysterious and rebel, the carbon-made Blackout channels steampunk vibes to modern- day cities, drawing its power from their lit skylines – until all lights are out.

The Cable Z


The Cable Z is an ode to electricity: its explosive bouquet of enmeshed and colorful cables playfully revisits the brand’s distinctive design. Electric-blue meets thunder-yellow, a festival of high- energy that puts forth the Electricianz flagship colors. Vibrant and easy going, the Cable Z embodies a Gen Z-like wonder before the physical world, celebrating the time where quests consisted of uncovering “how things work”.



The S.NOW stands out of the “Electric Code” collection with its bright white case and golden rose details. Sporty and fashionable, the watch hints of space exploration and summer love, drawing inspiration from science fiction, winter sports and high- end luxury fashion. It adds an undeniable glow to the Electricianz’ steampunk vibe.

The Electricianz is available at any Washington Watch stores.

Which of these watches suit your style? Share this post and tell us which skeleton watch you liked the most!