4 Water-Friendly Shoes That Are Perfect For The Rainy Weather

It’s that time of the year again when you wake up in a gloomy weather and rain surprises you mid-commuting. It’s important to be ready when an unexpected flood comes rushing in. Luckily, there are shoes that recently dropped that are perfect for the rain, mud, and puddles.

It’s time to invest in durable, water-friendly shoes that can withstand the rainy season–all without having to sacrifice your style and comfort!

1. Boots

Making its comeback is Keds’ Weatherized collection perfect for the fashion girl who wishes to hit the rainy streets without compromising fashion. The weatherized line features silhouettes that can battle the elements in style. All water and stain repellant, each one with a different look.

Keds Scout Boot II
Keds Scout Boot II

It’s time to graduate from clunky rain boots—that’s why Keds made the sleek Scout Boot II, featuring soft flannel plaid lining and durable rubber bottoms. They have a water and rain repellency coating called the Dream Shield™ and it comes in matte canvas or twill canvas finish.

2. Sandals

Making the most out of rainy days, Salt Water sandals are waterproof. The hand-stitched material of these sandals is coated in water sealant that shields it from water and moisture. It makes the sandals more durable when wet!

saltwater original white
Shark Silver Saltwater
Retro Saltwater Brown

You can brave the rain with no fear because these Saltwater Sandals can mold itself to fit snugly on your feet. The more water, the more it amps itself up for resistance! There are different styles to choose from along with equally exciting new colors.

3. Slippers

For those on the lookout for chic alternatives to the pambahay slipper to wear outdoors when it’s pouring, this is a safer, more durable, and a trendier option to cop for the wetter days ahead.


Catch a crest of cushioned comfort with a surf-ready sporty style in the Skechers On the GO Nextwave Ultra sandal. This slipper is designed with soft flexible jelly material with ombre color design in a thong sandal silhouette and cushioned sole.

4. Sneakers

Iconic boat shoe brand Sperry is born from the sea, making it an expert in creating shoes that adapt to both wet and dry environments. Sperry’s Tech fusion lets us go from summer to rainy season and beyond. With Sperry’s Weather-Ready product, the change in seasons doesn’t mean you need to change out of your Sperry’s.


Sperry’s latest collection of Washable Sneakers is another cutting-edge innovation from the global shoe brand, meant to kiss your worries away about how your shoes can be easily wiped clean after being dirtied from rains or the elements.  Now, they are outfitted with colorfast and washable nubuck plus lightweight breathable canvas uppers to make shoe care and cleaning your pair hassle-free.

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