What We Learned At Wacoal’s Women of the World Event

Philippine Wacoal Corporation is known for its lingerie line that has been a staple for Filipinas and the world for 30 years. If you haven’t heard about their collection, ask your mom about it, she probably has used Wacoal’s products!

As they celebrate their anniversary in Manila, with the theme “Uplifting Women for 30 years”, they gave the spotlight to 30 remarkable women from different industries to share how they became the empowered woman they are today.

Wacoal’s Women of the World campaign includes a 5-day interactive exhibit that is available from June 26-30 at SM Makati.

Travel-inspired photo booths with a 3-D setup of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, New York’s Statue of Liberty and the Cherry Blossoms of Japan were made in order to motivate the attendees to travel the world with them. This also enables them to join the “Create Your Own Photo Frame” activity for free, where their photos will be printed on the spot and they can write their own cover stories about being a Woman of the World.

The event held a Q&A portion where the guest speakers of the day tackle some very important issues that women still have to face up to. Hear are some of the advice they gave to the audience:

“Believe in yourself, that’s the #1 rule. If you know yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. If you know you can do it, then you will”

“No one can take passion away from you”

“There’s always someone who did something. So just find a way cause there will always be one.”

“The way we pursue our dreams, it’s only you vs. yourself. Start doing it step-by-step and little by little start going for it.”

“I was once told by my airline instructor na puro lang ako pagpaganda. I could’ve stopped then but I didn’t. I said ‘I am going to be an airline pilot.’ You have to believe in yourself.”

Wacoal also invited influencers, Kally Araneta and Christiana Canlas who were accompanied by the Wacoal winners. Both women gave a special message to the crowd about staying true to the woman you are.

“Don’t try to copy someone else. Just stay true to whoever you are and even if other people don’t like it, it shouldn’t matter. As long as you’re being true, someone will recognize you for you.”

“Just follow your heart. Kung ano nasa puso mo, sundin mo. Always think kind words and kindness to others.”

Reese Lansangan also performed for the audience. She expressed her gratefulness to be a part of the line-up of women for the event.

Staying true to the brand’s identity while upholding their advocacy, it is clear that Wacoal will always be proud and give honor to the Filipina women today.

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