Who Should Be The Batch Winner For PBB: Otso Batch 2?

PBB: Otso Batch 2 has been determined! The housemates that made it to the final four are Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai. Batch 2 is set to have their ending this week and right after, the new set of housemates will be introduced. RELATED: The Love Teams of PBB Otso: Who’s Your Favorite? Who do you think should be the batch winner for PBB: Otso’s Batch 2? Andre Brouillette andre Brouilette Fumiya Sankai Fumiya Sankai Lou Yanong Lou Yanong Yamyam Gucong Yamyam Gucong [totalpoll id="62033"]