Why It’s Finally Time To Close Boracay Down

Boracay is one of our favorite beach destinations in the Philippines because of its stunning white sands and enchanting blue waters. Even tourists from all over the world flock this tropical island in Aklan. The beauty of Boracay used to be undeniable, in fact, it could even compete with the Caribbean for being one of the best islands in the world.

But like any good thing, we have taken this island for granted. What was once a paradise of waters became a wasteland waiting to happen. It got so bad to the point that we need to rehabilitate Boracay and close down resorts and establishments surrounding the island.

What happened to Boracay?

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Years of constant booming business. That’s what happened to Boracay. Numerous business establishments are being developed because of high tourism rate, leaving the island to remain unregulated, unkempt, dying.

The population in Boracay has also reached more than it could carry. It feels as if it’s always peak season. Resorts and hotels are occupied every day of the year, so there’s no down time for the island recover.

The province also feels like it’s a city now. Roads that are supposedly for tricycles are being traveled by cars and smoke-belching trucks, thus causing traffic and pollution.

What’s the solution?

Fortunately, it’s not too late to save Boracay. Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo is pushing for a 60-day shut down of business starting June, where tourist arrivals are lower than usual. Teo, along with Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año, talked about closing business establishments on June 1 to July 31. During this time, roads and drainage systems will be repaired while dangerous structures will be demolished.

This will also allow owners of the establishments to work on their business, to upgrade their facilities and improve their drainage pipes leading to the Boracay sewerage system.

What we can do about it

Though there is no problem going to Boracay this summer, we’ve found options in case you want to book somewhere else while we let the island breathe.

There are now 7,641 islands in the Philippines as of 2017. There’s no doubt that there’s at least one island more stunning and beautiful than Boracay for you! Take La Union, for example. The island is similarly stunning as Boracay, and it isn’t too far away from Manila. It’s perfect for a weekend barkada getaway!

With the rise of DIY travels and tours, affordable vacations are made so much easier. In fact, you can pretty much go anywhere you want to go. Trips to Siargao, IloIlo, and Palawan are just a click away.

Boracay or not, before you book a trip, it’s important to know how best to preserve the environment when you go traveling.  Here are some simple ways to be environmental friendly on your vacation:

  1. Bring reusable bottles, containers, and bags
  2. Travel together to reduce fuel consumption
  3. Stay at an eco-friendly hotel
  4. Support local shops by eating and drinking there

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