Zendaya Dines At A Fan’s Restaurant For Lunch And It Is Literally Goals

It is every stan’s dream to be able to hang out with their idol and Zendaya just turned that into reality for a lucky fan!

Imagine being able to be BFFs with your ultimate favorite celebrity. Goals, right? Some may even think it’s impossible. But Zendaya has proved countless of times that she can make anything happen.

What was once just an update account for Zendaya became someone whom she now considers a friend.

Anthea is a stan account on Twitter and Instagram since the actress’ ‘Shake It Up‘ days. Most Twitter stans call her Zendaya’s favorite… and we can totally see why. Ever since the actress followed her in social media, they haven’t lost contact.

Anthea’s family has a cafe in London and since Zendaya is scheduled to film Spider-Man: Far From Home in London, she used her free day to spend time with Anthea and her family to support their local business.

“She dm’ed me saying she was coming the next day and I should give her the address and then she messaged me on Tuesday, saying she was on her way.” Anthea shared. “I was embarrassed and shy at first, but by the end, we were all laughing with each other.”

Kate’s Cafe, London

“My mum has never been happier and that’s probably why she kept trying to feed you,” wrote Anthea.

The actress met the fan’s mom, nephew, and nieces. And their reactions were priceless!

Anthea also shared to Twitter that her nephew was too shy to take pictures, and this is what she did:

“She was just really nice and super normal,” Anthea said when asked about what the actress was like in real life.

It’s always refreshing to see how a successful actress keeps herself grounded and has a good relationship with her fans. And to top it all off, not only did she just meet a fan, but she also supported #localblackbusiness!

When has your fave ever? Let us know your favorite celebrity-fan encounter in the comments below!